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Digital Transfer Services: 

  • 8mm, Super 8, 16mm Films
  • VHS/ Camcorder Videotapes
  • Slides
  • Audio Tapes and Records
  • Photos
  • Negatives
  • B&W Photo Colorization

Event Video Services:

  • Dance Recital Videos
  • Stage Productions
  • Music Videos
  • Memorial & Tribute Videos
  • Family Events

Small Business Videos:

  • Promotional Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Presentations
  • Editing Services
  • DVD/Flash Drive Duplication

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Dance & Stage Video Production

A once in a lifetime event – that is what every dance or stage performance really is! We have produced hundreds of incredible stage performance videos since 1999. We treat every show with the special care and professionalism it truly deserves. Experience and top-quality makes the difference!

We are the Dance Video Experts!

Our video features:

We shoot with Sony High Definition cameras to record the show with amazing clarity ~ producing the most detailed picture, the most vibrant colors, and the clearest sound.  You will be able to clearly see the faces and expressions of all the performers on stage ~ even during the wide shots! 

Many recital videos have poor audio quality ~ a hollow sound with distracting audience noises that are sometimes louder than the music!  We try to use a direct audio feed from the soundboard whenever possible and have several additional microphones to capture the applause and the taps.  We further improve the sound during post-production mixing and editing.  You will hear the definitely difference!

Proper lighting is so important!  Although we can’t control the stage lighting, we can very carefully control our camera’s exposure.  We continually monitor the show’s changing light levels and adjust for the best picture quality.  No one wants to see a too-dark or too-bright video!

 Most of our videos start with opening titles and a selected photo montage of high quality still images from the show as captured from the video footage.  We also offer a backstage montage of candid video shots of the cast preparing for the performance.  We try to capture as many cast members as possible for the opening titles montage as a great way to kick off the video.

Our videos are carefully edited, so we remove any empty spaces between dances or scene changes.  We always shoot with multiple cameras so we get the best camera angles.  We may enhance the colors or boost the sound if needed, and we add individual titles at the start of every dance so you can easily locate and remember your favorites.

At the conclusion of every dance video we can add a special highlights segment with selected short video clips from each routine.  Closing with Hollywood-style rolling credits, we proudly display the names of all the instructors, staff, and every cast member.  After all, it is their show!

Every recital video is professionally filmed in Widescreen High Definition and fully edited in our production studio.  The final videos can be delivered on individual USB flash drives, or high quality DVDs with custom labels, chapter breaks at each dance or scene, and custom designed DVD cases, or streamed online when completed as a video that can be viewed or shared wherever you wish.  Whichever delivery format you choose ~ your video will be a keepsake you will always treasure!

We are the Dance Video Experts!

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